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Your Past

Gain insights into the unique energies and influences that have shaped your life experiences. Understanding these influences can help you identify past traumas or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.



Your Present

Become more aware of your thoughts, emotions and actions, and learn to respond to situations with greater clarity and intention. By staying present and mindful, you can make better decisions and improve your relationships with others.



Your Future

Identify your priorities and focus your energy on what is most important to you. Stay focused on your long-term vision and connected to your purpose and motivation while developing a sense of agency and control over your life.



Your Soul

Develop a greater sense of autonomy and a deeper understanding of your potential. Navigate societal and cultural barriers with greater confidence and resilience by cultivating a strong sense of self and inner wisdom.


Deborah has deep gifts when it comes to astrology and healing. The depth of insight and presence she provided for me in our work together opened up new pathways in my self-understanding and clarity of purpose on this planet. Every time she has done a reading for me it has been just what I needed and provided a powerful dose of compassion, insight and passion. She isn't afraid to go into the depths to uncover the gems that await there and I am so grateful for that accompaniment. 

Dana, Portland OR

Deborah uses her advanced knowledge of astrology as well as her keen insight to help unveil the mysteries of the soul's path. We truly did plan our lives before we came here and she helps show us our map. I am blessed to have been introduced to Deborah and her astrology practice and will continue working with her in the future.

Jeremy, Yakima WA

Deborah's readings keep me going all year long! I refer back to them so often, it amazes me. The depth of information that I've received in my readings has helped me understand myself better and take chances I wouldn't normally have the courage to take. Her ability to provide insights into a person's super powers is inspiring.

Jessica, Beaverton OR

Meeting you was one of the richest experiences I have ever had. The interpretation of my chart was MIND BLOWING & FABULOUS, but what affected me most was your energy.

You have a gift to make people feel truly accepted for who they are.

Desiree, Happy Valley OR

Besides being incredibly knowledgeable about all things astrology, Deborah has the uncanny ability to look deep into someones chart and tease out the subtleties of information. She is both intuitive in her approach and candid. Deborah has a way of sharing information that doesn’t scare or confuse people or talk above them. Its clear that she has been doing this heart-centered way of reading astrology charts for many years.

Wendy, Portland OR

My natal chart reading with Deb gave me a newfound confidence in my superpowers! Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of some difficult placements in my chart, we worked together to uncover the powerful potential they hold instead. I can't wait for our next reading!

Trista, Seattle, WA


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