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Cosmic Disruption Episode 1

Chaotic...errr Cosmic Disruption

Cosmic Disruption Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Cosmic Disruption: "Kites, Chaos, and Cosmic Connections: A Sisterly Sojourn Through the Stars!" Join Deborah and Karen as they dive headfirst into the current astro weather, uncovering the significance of a mesmerizing kite aspect and the powerful energy of Pluto. Explore the fascinating mythology of the enigmatic dwarf planet Eris and its astrological impact, while delving into the much-anticipated Age of Aquarius and the broader context of the astrological ages.

But that's not all! Tune in to witness the magical synchronicities that connect us all and listen as Deborah and Karen open up about their own sisterly bond, sharing hilarious tales from their childhood that will have you laughing along with them. This captivating inaugural episode promises to be a cosmic adventure like no other, blending celestial insights with heartfelt moments and side-splitting anecdotes. So, gather your stardust and join the sisters as they launch you into the wondrous world of Cosmic Disruption.

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