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Cosmic Disruption Episode 10

Ectoplasm (?!) and Ghostly Gatherings: A Friday the 13th Séance Special

Cosmic Disruption Episode 10

👻✨ New Episode Alert! Prepare for a spine-tingling journey as we unravel the mysteries of the supernatural in our Friday the 13th Séance Special: "Ectoplasm (?!) and Ghostly Gatherings." 📻 Join us as we delve into the enigmatic world of Victorian Seances, Spiritualism, and Mediums, and brace yourself for a hair-raising firsthand account from Deborah, who participated in a modern seance. Get ready to have your beliefs challenged and your curiosity piqued! Tune in now! 👁️‍🗨️ 🎙️👻

In the cosmic weather forecast, we've got a celestial brew that's as intriguing as it gets. Eris, the cosmic troublemaker, is throwing a wild party by conjuncting the lunar north node in fiery Aries. Meanwhile, the sun is donning its best Libra attire as it cozies up to the south node, creating a captivating celestial square dance with Pluto in steadfast Capricorn. It's a cosmic play where the themes of individuality, balance, and transformation take center stage. Tune in to our latest episode to decode these celestial riddles! 🌟🪐🔮

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