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Cosmic Disruption Episode 11

Am I Cunty in Every Timeline?

Cosmic Disruption Episode 11

Welcome, cosmic travelers, to another mind-bending episode of Cosmic Disruption! This week, we're diving headfirst into the rabbit hole of multiple timelines, the multiverse, and the Mandela effect. Is your memory playing tricks on you, or have you hopped a timeline? Strap in for a wild ride!

✨In the cosmic forecast, we've got the Nodes playing tug-of-war with Pluto, stirring up some serious soul-searching vibes. Adding a dash of spice, Eris sidles up to the North Node in Aries, lighting a fire under our collective behinds for some gutsy, 'me-first' moves. It's like the universe is throwing a change-up pitch, nudging us to face our inner demons and strut boldly onto new, uncharted paths.

🎃 Karen's New Orleans Narrative: Hear Karen recount her Halloween in New Orleans, where the only thing spookier than the ghosts was her sense of time. Did she experience a timeline shift, or was it just the effect of one too many beignets?

📺 Deborah's Bravo-Con Banter: Deborah dishes on her escapades at Bravo-Con. From Housewives to timelines, find out why she might just be the multiverse's most avid reality TV fan. She received her first friendship bracelet which brings up The Great "Cunty" Conundrum: Does Deborah deserve the term "cunty"?

🌀 Multiverse Madness: Are we ping-ponging between timelines like a cosmic game of Pong? We debate the possibility of intentional (or accidental) timeline travels. Spoiler alert: Things get weird! 🐇 Karen's convinced we're living in a "bullshit timeline."

Join us for an episode filled with laughter, debate, and a healthy dose of cosmic confusion. Whether you're a timeline traveler or just enjoy a good laugh at the mysteries of the universe, this episode is for you!

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