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Cosmic Disruption Episode 12

Thus the Entrails Hath Spoken!

Cosmic Disruption Episode 12

✨ Episode 12 of Cosmic Disruption, "Thus the Entrails Hath Spoken!" is a cosmic journey through divination, sprinkled with humor and a celestial dash! Join us as we unravel the mystique of divination, from ancient practices to modern marvels. Rest assured, no goats were harmed in the making of this episode.

Our life chat takes you from holiday reflections to the cosmic shift of embracing our new roles—the fabulous Aunts, leaving behind the Practical Magic sister vibes.

🔭 In the Astro weather, we unveil the cosmic influence of the asteroid Hekate, inspired by Deborah's enchanting new kitty! 🐾✨ Discover how Hekate influenced our charts, ushering in new energies, and learn how to add this magical asteroid to your own chart!

🍎 Unveil the universe's secrets with us! Unlike Deborah's current diet of apples and breakfast cereal, this episode is a feast for your cosmic cravings! 🔮

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