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Cosmic Disruption Episode 7

Egregores Unleashed: The Magical Mingle of Minds

Cosmic Disruption Episode 7

Join us on a cosmic adventure like no other in our latest episode! We're dishing on Deborah’s Swiftie-status, her new crystal skull friend, Boyle, as well as gushing over Karen trying Saganaki for the first time.

In the astro-weather we discuss Venus going direct, Jupiter going retrograde, and explore what it means to experience a nodal return. 🎶💎🔥🪐

Our main topic, however is Egregores! These mind-bending entities are weaving their magic in our collective consciousness. Learn how to channel their cosmic influence in your life. ✨🧠

Tune in and expand your cosmic horizons with us! 🌌🌐

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