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Cosmic Disruption Episode 9

Queen of Karma: Taylor Swift's Astrological Tale of Fate and Redemption

Cosmic Disruption Episode 9

In a world of cosmic chaos, there shines a beacon of hope, light, love, kindness, and generosity—the one and only Taylor Swift. Join us on a celestial journey as we explore her remarkable story in our latest episode, "Queen of Karma: Taylor Swift's Astrological Tale of Fate and Redemption." ✨

Join our astrological guide, Deborah, as she deciphers the celestial blueprint of Taylor's life, music, and the cosmic forces that have shaped her path. 🌌
But that's not all! We're taking a cosmic leap into the unknown by using astrology to peek into Taylor's possible past lives, unraveling the threads that connect her to her present and her cosmic purpose. 🌟✨

Britta, our resident Swiftie extraordinaire, guides us through Taylor's music, filled with messages of positivity and resilience that have touched millions worldwide. (Be sure to check out Britta's recommended playlist to accompany the podcast episode - featuring a list of songs we mention as well as songs with lyrics that back-up the astrology!)🎶

Discover the astrological compatibility between Taylor and NFL superstar Travis Kelce, and explore how Taylor Swift's energy is the counterbalance to cosmic discord (and Donald Trump). 🌟

This episode promises to be a cosmic odyssey filled with insights, starry tales, and the Queen of Karma herself. Tune in now and join the movement of positivity and change! 👑✨

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