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Spring 2023 Astrology Forecast with Deborah Norton

The Abundology Podcast with Renee Spears

Spring 2023 Astrology Forecast with Deborah Norton

In this podcast, Astrologer Deborah Norton shares what to expect this spring according to astrology. There is a lot of energy shifting this spring as the large planets shift signs. March is a pivotal month. Together with the Spring Equinox and the beginning of Aries Season, Saturn moves into Pisces and Pluto moves into Aquarius.

A period of spiritual discipline is brought on by Saturn in Pisces. Take advantage of this opportunity to establish a committed spiritual practice that can result in new spiritual insights.

Pluto is about deep transformation and uncovering what's hidden. Pluto's transit into Aquarius brings fresh energy and a chance to step into your power. Deborah discusses the changes you can anticipate in your life depending on the placement of Pluto in your natal chart, which is determined by your rising sign and the 12 houses.

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