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June 10th to16th


Here I sit in my office, balling my eyes out at the beginning of another week. I have already seen several posts of friends who are struggling to face another Monday in the wake of such overwhelming feelings coming in from all of our collective grief, fear and pain. But I also feel a glimmer of hope peeking its nose through all the noise. That hope centers around our precious children, who are striving to make this world a better place and planning their uncertain futures in the midst of chaos. They are our shining beacon! The energy this week is feisty, personal, raw and intense. My advice is to connect to you heart, speak your truth and continue to fight for what you want. The planets are supporting you! The video below is a gift to all of us, from our children. These kids are from Parkland, FL, singing their hearts out after the worst year of their lives. They are clinging to love and hope and sharing it with the world. Be prepared for your heart to swell. This is an incredible gift to us all. 


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